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My Wonderful Day at Kamersvol Geskenke

Hello Everyone!! On Friday I promised to tell you all about my day at Kamersvol Geskenke (“Rooms full of Gifts” for those of you needing translation!). This is the MOST inspiring showcase of local creative talent, and I have been attending for 4 years now. I look forward to it with anticipation every year, and am never disappointed. So grab a cup of tea and read-on (it’s a long post……)

My friend Sharon and I went together – it’s always good to spend a day with her, looking at beautiful things, sharing ideas and bonding (this time over a glass of bubbly too….). I was completely blown away by the fantastic setting, awesome organisation and eye-catching beauty all around me. So much so that I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate every exhibitors’ products, as it was quite overwhelming. I must admit that some of the prices were rather steep (not that I am saying the items were not worth every penny) making it difficult to contain the purse-strings. I went with the specific aim of sourcing items and trimmings for my stationery business and blog, as well as looking for inspiration. This helped to contain the budget – slightly! So – I have decided to share with you the memories, contacts and goodies that I came away with. I have taken my own photos of these items, as it was impossible to do the stalls justice by taking photos in the throngs of excited (mostly) women.

Sharon and I were both most impressed with OhLief and their organic wax (for babies, expectant moms and others). This is truly an inventive product and we could just see how passionate the 2 sisters Christine and Louiza are about their product. True entrepreneurs! And the recycled t-shirt bath-mittens are just divine – even to hold a potted orchid (not joking!).


I then met the lovely Nicola and Svelka from Peg & Thread – they have a beautiful on-line shop based out of Knysna on the Garden Route – and they too are most inspiring. I was sorely tempted to buy a Liberty Fabric bag, but I have too many bags already!! Then I saw it – Italian 100% cotton ribbon that I have been drooling over on the internet! I couldn’t help myself and the next thing was the proud owner of 2 meters of each colour….. can’t wait to use it in my photos and moodboards. They also had a collection of inspiring bookmarks (oh dear- one of each of those went into the bag too….). I was touched when they added a couple of “lovely” gift tags for free – it’s so nice to be appreciated as a customer!

2. Peg & Thread

I then met a fellow blogger, Colette, from French Brocante – so friendly and excited to meet another blogger too. We will get together soon I am sure over a cup of tea. Anyway – she had a beautiful stall – imagine walking into a French Chateau. Abundant antique linen, rolls of antique lace, antique furniture – oh my… Maybe I am strange but amongst all this lovely stock I gravitated towards small rolls of fine real linen string!! I can just imagine making gift tags with a french feel, on Italian cotton-mix cardstock, with this lovely string…..mmmmmm!!! So yes – into the bag it went!!

2. Peg & Thread 3. French Brocante 4. Rhubarb Room 5. Ebony and Ivory

I have always loved Rhubarb Room, a divine shop in Cape Town selling most things a girl would love. As last year, their stall did not disappoint. I didn’t get a chance to chat to the girls as the stall was very busy, but did purchase lovely giftwrap and a couple of heart-shaped gift-tags (above) which remind me of a cookie cutter set that I have. I walked away sans the cushion that I wanted (that budget again…..), but may have to visit their shop in town soon. I then found another thing that I have been searching for to use in my stationery display and moodboards – mini bamboo pegs at Ebony and Ivory!!(above)  As always their stall was beautiful – this year moving away from focussing on their stunning ribbons to showcasing stationery, prints and fabric items. Also a cool car-wash kit!  They are always so original.

The Design Team stall was bustling! Such a colourful array af articles made in their signature original South African designer and printed textiles. It is so good to see something so LOCAL that could stand tall on the international stage. Their fabrics show a contemporary and topical take on South African design, instead of the typical ethnic approach. I loved so much of the designs – eventually I bought a few bundles of blocks of fabric in a random arrangement and I plan on making my own “patchwork” cushions from them. They also had some printed cards and envelopes that I absolutely loved – to use in my moodboards and colour inspiration boards. I have photographed these to show you.

By now it was getting late – Sharon and I headed for the “Kamers Kombuis” (or kitchen) where we found some yummy food and sat down in a very civilised manner to enjoy a glass of bubbly!! This particular bubbly is a new discovery for me and I WILL be purchasing some to keep chilled at home. Is called Saltare and is made by Carla Pauw (in Stellenbosch) following the french Méthode Cap Classique.  We are so blessed to live in the heart of the Winelands!! We loved it, and the beautiful glasses it was served in…. If you live in the area visit their website to find out more, and get some!!!

Whew – on tired legs and with exhausted purses we made our way to the car. BUT we had to pass the tent where all the florists were exhibiting and there I saw them – bunches and bunches of PEONIES at the Okasie stall !!! Unfortunately the white ones were already sold but 2 bunches of the bright pink variety accompanied me home! Tell me they are not THE most beautiful blooms….. A fitting end to a wonderfully inspiring day!!

7. Okasie

I am already looking forward to this time next year – and who knows – maybe I will apply to showcase my stationery at Kamersvol Geskenke 2012!!

Let me know if any of you attended Kamers, and what stood out for you.

Wishing you all an inspiring week!

Cath xx

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Oh Peonies – At last!!!

Hello Everyone!! Wow – it has been a BUSY week!! I have visited Kamersvol Geskenke and the Fesive Ideas Market – more about those in another post soon!!

The Peonies are here!! I am so excited – I have come home with bunches of white and bright pink peonies and am SO enjoying watching them open up and get shaggier and shaggier….. I got so inspired I did a little photoshoot yesterday and here are the first images to share with you. I have paired them with some of my stationery and am using the styling tips from my “Blogging your Way” course. (My husband walked in the door and shook his head at me – the diningroom was strewn with stuff and I had the tripod set up in my “makeshift studio” – SUCH FUN!!!). I’ve also applied some collage techniques I learned from Leslie Shewring (one of the teachers on BYW) and love the result!

It has been a wonderful inspiring week and I have SO much more to share with you all – watch this space……

Have an inspiring weekend!!

Cath xx

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It’s time for my Favourite Christmas Markets…

Hi Everyone!! This week is one that is very inspirational in my life, so of course I need to share!! If you live in the Cape Town area do yourselves a favour this week and find some time to get out, see something beautiful, recharge your creative batteries, do some Christmas Shopping, drink some Champagne, eat something…… OH JUST GO!!!! You have a choice of 2 markets to attend (I aim on being at both!).

Go to www.kamersvol.com for more details

Go to www.festiveideas.co.za for more details

Enjoy!! Let me know what you thought and what you loved the most….

Cath xx

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Cupcake Delight!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope that you all had a lovely relaxing weekend doing things that make you happy!!

I had a busy weekend – amongst bookclub brunch, a quick trip to Pringle Bay for lunch, and the World Cup Rugby Final – I made 100 cupcakes for sale at a winefestival!! I don’t often bake to order, but SO love creating beautiful cakes….. And the cherry on top was that my hubby bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer on our anniversary last week, which made things SO MUCH easier!! It is such a divine machine – I actually told him he has competition now because I love it!!!!!

So I thought  would share some pictures with you all….

Making the sugar flowers

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting and Sugar flowers


So Beautiful!

As much as I love what I created I think I am all “cupcaked-out” for now and will have a little break before I start with my Christmas baking.

Here’s wishing you an inspirational week!

Cath xx

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