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introducing baby Eireann

Hello friends!!!!! I am a mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apologies for only announcing her arrival today, but I have been settling her (and me) into our new lifestyle!

Eireann 1 day

Baby Eireann Cummings Kruger (her name is pronounced Erin, but spelled the traditional Irish way – because I like it and its different!!) arrived on Monday 7 July at 08h40, weighing 3.08kg. She is such a gorgeous little girl who is perfect in every way. She has big eyes, lovely long fingers, and a loud voice when she needs it. Luckily she is a good sleeper. We’ve had some issues with feeding and weightloss (which caused me great stress in the first 10 days), but we are now supplementing with formula and she is thriving.

Eireann 1 week

Eireann 2 week

Today she is 3 weeks old, but I haven’t taken a picture yet………

I still owe you all pictures of her room – as soon as I have a chance to get back to the computer I will post them – I love her room, it’s turned out exactly as I envisaged it!!!

Anyway – am off to wake her for her next feed – we’ll be back as soon a s we can with more updates!!!

much love xxx

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an update on baby and me!

Thank you to those of you who have mailed me to see what’s up and why I haven’t been blogging!!! You have given me a shake-up to speak-up!!!!!

Firstly let me say that everything is GOOD!!!! Baby girl Kruger is now at 35 weeks and 4 days and weighs approximately 2.5kgs. She is wriggling and kicking up a storm inside me. She has however not turned and is sitting rather comfortably head-up. Methinks she may be a touch stubborn and headstrong like her Mommy!!!! But it’s not a problem as we were planning a cesearean section birth in any case – which has now been scheduled and booked for Monday the 7th of July – 3 and a half weeks to go til we meet her!!!

I’ve found this experience of pregnancy to be a “mixed bag”. The pregnancy itself has been completely uncomplicated – no problems, normal blood pressure, no swollen feet, nausea but not too much vomiting, and so far a weight gain of about 7kgs (from my lowest point at the end of the 1st trimester). On the flip side the heartburn has been, and still is HORRIBLE!! I almost have a monthly “budget” for Gaviscon and Rennies!!! Someone told me a few weeks ago that it means a full head of hair on the baby and I thought – “ja right!!”. Lo and behold on the next scan my doctor showed us her hair!!! Maybe those old-wives are right sometimes. I’m also really struggling with exhaustion, back pain and general discomfort – which is normal I suppose if you have a baby later in life…..!!!! The bronchitis I had at 22 weeks really knocked me (I am still coughing although much less……) so that also hasn’t helped my energy levels.

So why haven’t I blogged for a while? It’s hard to explain. I also haven’t been active at all with Paperpeony…….. It’s like everything “work” related has come to a screeching halt and I have just been – pregnant! I take each day as it comes, do things when I have the energy, rest when I need to, and go out with friends when the opportunity arises. I have done a lot of nesting – setting up her room, sewing, knitting, washing little clothes, watching TV and sleeping. Even groceries have been ordered online for the past few weeks (I’m practicing for when she’s here, plus there are no chairs to rest on in Supermarkets……!!) I think I waited so long to have this precious little baby, and struggled so hard that I have just immersed myself in the experience. I must add here that I am EXTREMELY fortunate that I have a wonderful husband who can support me, and that I don’t have to go out to work. I take my hat off to all women who work through the last few months of pregnancy – it cannot be easy!!

I want to share pictures of her nursery with you, but the pictures are still not up on the walls, so please bear with me for another week or so.  In the meantime I’m going to show you what my Mom and I have been up to – we’ve been sewing and knitting up a storm! I haven’t gone with a specific theme – rather a colour story in many different fabrics and patterns.


Firstly – her quilt!!! I am so proud of this (although I did cheat and have a lovely lady (Nita) at The Somerset West Bernina shop do the actual quilting on their long-arm machine!). These are essentially the colours of her room, and I had such fun using the lovely fabrics that I bought in LA last year. I can’t wait for her to play on this mat as she learns to roll and crawl!!

changing mat cover and blankets

My mom has made all the fitted sheets for her cot (I splashed out and ordered cute fabric from the States), and I have made covers for her changing mat too – the other cover is yellow. The grey cross on white blankie is a remnant of a flannel sheet that I bought at Woollies to make fitted sheets for her moses basket (flannel will be warm and cuddly while she’s tiny and its so cold!) and I loved the idea of pink edging. The other blanket has a long story attached. I bought it (plain) in Athens in 2000. It had a fringe edging which I didn’t like, but it is the most gorgeous fine cotton blanket. I started edging it by hand during my second pregnancy, and continued again during my third. This time (after 3 miscarriages) I was too scared to stitch it again and it wasn’t finished……..so my Mom finished it for me!! I told her I wanted something in each corner – and she surprised me with these cute little animals embroidered in each corner. Such a special Mom – she’s going to be a great Granny I just know it!!!!

little jerseysWe’ve both been knitting little jerseys (I did the cream jacket and she did the white wrap jersey). We’re both busy now on bigger ones… it’s such a nice time of year to knit!! Here you can also see 2 of the fitted sheets I mentioned earlier.

burp cloths and bibsI found a gorgeous pack of cotton dishcloths at Country Road in January – loved the colours and such soft absorbent cotton terry towelling. So while our house was under reconstruction in Jan/Feb I sat at the diningroom table cutting them up and sewing these burp cloths and bibs. I just love how they have turned out and can’t wait to use them!!

more bibsI also used a scrap-pack of fabric from Skinny-Laminx to make these bibs – I love the modern abstract designs and yummy colours. (I am doing my level best to avoid bibs with slogans and commercial graphics – must be the “design snob” coming out in me……..). Above on the left you’ll see a tin I found at Woollies which I’ve spiffed up with washi tape. It will be on the changing table and is already full of cotton wool. The little yellow card is from Holland  – my sister was there recently and came home with the most gorgeous little clothes and toys for her niece!!

And finally – 2 mobiles. The cloud and raindrops I made last year already before I was pregnant, and I’m so glad I never sold it. It is a perfect match for the room. The origami birds were all folded by the special ladies who attended my baby shower a few weeks ago. Anja (from Papertales) gave a demo on how to fold them, and it was so funny watching everyone folding them. (Some turned into monsters and dragons and had to be “reconstructed”……..). I used every one of them (no matter how flawed) to put together this awesome mobile, which now just needs to be properly hung in the correct spot!! So special and such a lovely idea.

mobilesI have also received so many gorgeous handmade gifts from my lovely talented friends – next week I’ll show you those. As soon as the room is complete I promise you all a tour.

So that’s me for now – all updated!!! Thank you all for your kind words, emails and thoughts. I have felt bad about my lack of contact and it feels so good to have caught-up with you all. Wishing all of you here in SA  a lovely long-weekend (we’re off to Pringle Bay for the weekend with my step-daughters (the eldest is home on holiday from the States) and hope to have a lovely Father’s Day on Sunday). Much love!!!


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A first glimpse into the baby’s room…..

I’m 24 weeks pregnant today – such a wonderful thing to be able to say!! I’m so loving feeling my little miss kicking away and wriggling around. BUT (and here I don’t want to sound ungrateful at all, but a touch of honesty is always good……) I don’t know about this “pregnancy glow” thing!! The last 3 weeks or so have been really difficult – just when I though I was getting over the bronchitis I got hit by a tummy bug which has left me with the MOST awful cramps!! So it was back to the doctor again………. I’m still not over it completely, but am trying, and breathing through the discomfort (such a euphemism!!). I have newfound respect for those of you who choose to deliver your babies naturally – these cramps have made me feel even more confident with my plan for a C-section!!!!

And here I am going to be like so many other bloggers and say “It is not my intention to turn this blog into a “Mommy Blog”!”. So I apologise to those of you who are not interested in the “mommy” side of things. I am however going to post a few items here and there about the baby’s room, her cute wardrobe, and some other creative and inspiring goodies all baby-related (just because I want to, and because many of you have asked me to!!).

Today I received my first overseas order for my little miss! I have always loved the creations of Freya who I discovered on Etsy years ago. One of her artworks in particular has always resonated with me, and so, now that I am going to have my own little “chick” I ordered it to frame and hang in her room. These pictures will give you a glimpse into the colour scheme that I have planned, but there will be a few more colours that you will see added to the mix (can you guess what they might be I wonder……).

So this is what I found in the parcel (after handing over a small fortune in customs duty at the post office this morning!!!! grrrrrrrrr). I love it when someone takes care to wrap and present your purchase with such care!! Thank you Freya!

freya art unwrapping

And this is what was inside!!!

freya art parcel

Isn’t it gorgeous! I can’t wait to frame the print and the card. I’m planning on putting the cushion on the rocking chair that I’m still looking for….

I’m now going to try to get a couple of orders out to some very kind and understanding clients who have waited patiently for me to recover and get back to work. Thank you Marguerite and Andrea (my soon to be cousin-in-law!).


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taking it easy….

Hello everyone!!! Thank you all for your kind words, emails, messages and more after my big announcement!! I have felt very loved and supported, and I truly appreciate it.


I would have thanked you all sooner, but was just feeling so grotty!!! This past Monday my hubby and my doctor decided that enough was enough – and I was admitted to hospital for a few days of treatment (and enforced rest). So now I’ve had IV antibiotics,pain meds, sleeping pills (JOY!!!!!), chest physio (for the first time in my life after administering it so many times in my physio days…..), nebulising etc etc. The rest was really nice, and having meals provided was so good (considering we’ve been living with no kitchen on top of everything!). I am now home and still taking it easy. All I have achieved is knitting – and it feels good.

And Little Miss is continuing her gymnastics inside me which is SO reassuring!!!! You tend to worry when you’re being medicated, but my doctors have been great and reassuring. And its SO GOOD to be coughing less, and with less pain!!

I am hoping to get going again on Monday – lots to do!!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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