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A first glimpse into the baby’s room…..

I’m 24 weeks pregnant today – such a wonderful thing to be able to say!! I’m so loving feeling my little miss kicking away and wriggling around. BUT (and here I don’t want to sound ungrateful at all, but a touch of honesty is always good……) I don’t know about this “pregnancy glow” thing!! The last 3 weeks or so have been really difficult – just when I though I was getting over the bronchitis I got hit by a tummy bug which has left me with the MOST awful cramps!! So it was back to the doctor again………. I’m still not over it completely, but am trying, and breathing through the discomfort (such a euphemism!!). I have newfound respect for those of you who choose to deliver your babies naturally – these cramps have made me feel even more confident with my plan for a C-section!!!!

And here I am going to be like so many other bloggers and say “It is not my intention to turn this blog into a “Mommy Blog”!”. So I apologise to those of you who are not interested in the “mommy” side of things. I am however going to post a few items here and there about the baby’s room, her cute wardrobe, and some other creative and inspiring goodies all baby-related (just because I want to, and because many of you have asked me to!!).

Today I received my first overseas order for my little miss! I have always loved the creations of Freya who I discovered on Etsy years ago. One of her artworks in particular has always resonated with me, and so, now that I am going to have my own little “chick” I ordered it to frame and hang in her room. These pictures will give you a glimpse into the colour scheme that I have planned, but there will be a few more colours that you will see added to the mix (can you guess what they might be I wonder……).

So this is what I found in the parcel (after handing over a small fortune in customs duty at the post office this morning!!!! grrrrrrrrr). I love it when someone takes care to wrap and present your purchase with such care!! Thank you Freya!

freya art unwrapping

And this is what was inside!!!

freya art parcel

Isn’t it gorgeous! I can’t wait to frame the print and the card. I’m planning on putting the cushion on the rocking chair that I’m still looking for….

I’m now going to try to get a couple of orders out to some very kind and understanding clients who have waited patiently for me to recover and get back to work. Thank you Marguerite and Andrea (my soon to be cousin-in-law!).


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taking it easy….

Hello everyone!!! Thank you all for your kind words, emails, messages and more after my big announcement!! I have felt very loved and supported, and I truly appreciate it.


I would have thanked you all sooner, but was just feeling so grotty!!! This past Monday my hubby and my doctor decided that enough was enough – and I was admitted to hospital for a few days of treatment (and enforced rest). So now I’ve had IV antibiotics,pain meds, sleeping pills (JOY!!!!!), chest physio (for the first time in my life after administering it so many times in my physio days…..), nebulising etc etc. The rest was really nice, and having meals provided was so good (considering we’ve been living with no kitchen on top of everything!). I am now home and still taking it easy. All I have achieved is knitting – and it feels good.

And Little Miss is continuing her gymnastics inside me which is SO reassuring!!!! You tend to worry when you’re being medicated, but my doctors have been great and reassuring. And its SO GOOD to be coughing less, and with less pain!!

I am hoping to get going again on Monday – lots to do!!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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my best news ever …….. and paperpeony in 2014!

Hello!! This post was meant to go out to you all on Monday  – but I am (wo)man down with terrible bronchitis – which when you read further you will understand is not so easy to treat…………. So – as sick as I am, I have the best news to share with you all!!


In early July this year my hubby and I will be welcoming a precious little girl into our lives!!!!!!! Yes – I am pregnant!!!!!!! After 4 long years of heartache, fertility treatments, too many IVF’s to count, 3 miscarriages, a few surgical procedures, anti-depressants, psychological support – and much love and support from my hubby – we are having a little girl. Not to mention the AMAZING team of wonderful people at my fertility clinic who have done absolutely everything for me, cried with me and now celebrate with us!!!  It just makes my heart burst to write this. The day I met this wonderful man my friends told him how important it was to me to have a baby and he has stood by me (and believe me it hasn’t always been easy).

This has been the hardest journey of my life. Infertility is like a hidden disease that most of us suffer in silence – partly due to the fact that people who haven’t experienced it themselves don’t really know how to support and respond to you. I have unfortunately at times isolated myself so much (just to protect myself from the pain that others unknowingly inflict) that some of my oldest friendships have suffered terribly. It really is hard. I feel a deep-seated need to do something to raise awareness of the isolation of infertility and to try to give advice (from my perspective) on how to be a friend to that someone special that you know who is going through this ordeal. I’m working on it – and would appreciate any feedback / ideas as to what you think would be an appropriate forum to do this in?

So – like I said on Friday this is going to be a good year!!! I have already started working on Little Miss Kruger’s nursery – the room that suffered complete destruction in our flood. I have some secret Pinterest boards that are getting rather full, and will share some of these ideas with you soon. I have also been sewing and knitting and have already received some gorgeous gifts from wonderful friends. Such exciting times!

And what does all this mean for my other baby – Paperpeony? Well – I have been planning some changes in any case, and now things are coming together into a proper plan. The first major change is that I will be doing-away with what I call my “retail” side of things (in other words products not made or created by me). I have begun to find the process of simply filling boxes and sending them off rather “un-inspiring and un-creative”.  And most of the products that I first imported a couple of years ago are now readily available pretty much everywhere. So – washi tape and paper straws are no longer available. I have sold off  my washi tape through THE BIG HEART Co sale, and will be making all my remaining stock of straws available as an “all stock” offer at a rock bottom price later this week. Drop me a mail at cathy@paperpeony.co.za if you, or anyone you know may be interested in buying it. I will also be having a flash online sale in the next week or 3 (thanks to being off sick this whole week) on all the other goodies (stickers, memo holders etc) as well as on remaining stock of my “older ranges” of stationery. So watch this space for news of the BIG SALE!!

I will continue to stock THE TWINERY’s range of Bakers Twine, thanks to the invaluable help of my Mom in rolling off skeins and helping with orders. And I hope that Granny will continue to help keep the Twine orders rolling off to you once little Miss arrives!! Watch the blog for some Twine special offers in the next few weeks too!!

And then? Well – I have been working on a few new ranges of cards, tags and wall art and hope to launch a new catalogue later in March. I hope to spend a little more of my “work time” being creative again this year. In the remaining months of my pregnancy I will also be spending a little less time working, in order to spend time preparing for my baby’s arrival. There are so many little things I want to make and sew and finish knitting…………Once she arrives I will obviously take some time off, but those plans are still to be made and I will let you all know what’s happening closer to the time.

So – from a sick friend (do you know how painful it is to cough constantly with abdominal muscles that are “on stretch” due to a growing bump!!!!! So sore…….) I send you all much love and thanks for your support over the past few years.

Big hugs!!!

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Hello I’m back!! …… and why it’s taken so long!

Hello everyone. I’m sure some of you have given up on me by now and think that the world has swallowed me up or something………. I’m so sorry to have stayed away for so long, but I have a good reason.

ignorance is  bliss

So there we were – enjoying a relaxing holiday when late at night on the 28th of December we got a call from our neighbour to say that something was going on at our house. The alarm had been going off for a few hours and no-one was able to switch it off. So my hubby and his eldest daughter climbed in the car and set off home (luckily it’s only an hour’s drive). When he opened the door he was greeting by a 20cm “wall” of water pouring out the door……….. a pipe from the solar panel to the geyser had burst in the ceiling and we surmise the water had been running / gushing for a few hours already (the alarm was only triggered when the back up power source shorted thanks to the rising water). What could he do? Switched off the water mains and came back to Pringle Bay with news of a disaster. And so it began……….

flood damage first glimpse

As you know – in South Africa over Christmas / New Year EVERYONE shuts down – plumbers too!!!! The insurance assessors came out the next day and the following day the moisture extraction crew arrived – with about a gazillion big machines and fans (oh yes – I forgot to mention we have a basement level in the house with a big TV lounge and wine cellar – and guess where a lot of the water went….). They pulled all the carpeting out downstairs and in the entire passage and 2 rooms where most of the damage occurred and got the machines running. These NOISY things then ran for 2 WEEKS – 24 HOURS a day non-stop!!!!! Try living in that – compounded by walking around on bare concrete as cupboards get removed, furniture gets taken away and subsequently written off, entire ceilings then get removed (along with all the awful insulation material that comes drifting down and settles EVERYWHERE!!!). And everything that can be salvaged gets crammed into the rest of the house…………. So not fun!!!

About 3 weeks later when all the builders get back from annual holiday the construction work and painting begins………… and takes another 3 weeks!!! Finally you think you’re in heaven when you get carpets back underfoot, and you start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Then the cupboards get installed, and the new furniture starts to arrive. It starts to feel like home again!!!!!! And what’s still to happen? Curtains need to go up again -  and OH YES – the kitchen concrete floor which now had water damage under the seal needs to be resurfaced and you won’t have access for a week – the whole of next week to be precise!!! Such joy!!

And during all of this long process your office space (which is already crammed with overflow stuff) also has the only access point into the ceiling where the electricians and plumbers need to work. So sheets get draped and you hide away in your bedroom (which is thankfully unscathed), or you sit at the diningroom table, with dust settling around you, and you try to get a bit of sewing done. AND – you run away a lot to friends and coffee shops………………. And you wish for peace and calm and a normal house again!!!!!

BUT – there is some good news! The insurance have been fantastic!! I had some changes planned to 2 rooms which happened to be the 2 rooms worst hit, so we have been able to make these utilising the insurance cover. So – I keep reminding myself about hidden silver linings. And we’ve survived!!!!!! I managed to start attacking my office properly this week and right now I am sitting at my desk again and feeling somewhat normal. Small blessings!! (A young man of 21 reminded me the other day that these have all been “First World Problems” and I know he is right. We have so much to be grateful for.).

So – moving on to 2014!!! I have more, much happier news to share with you on Monday. There will be some changes happening at Paperpeony in the coming year (some of which will evolve as the year unfolds). From here on out it’s going to be a good year!!!!

Thank you all for sticking around, and for all the little messages that have been coming through in the past few weeks. I appreciate all the support and friendship!!

Much love xxx

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