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Loving Sibella Court’s etc. and NOMAD

Hello friends!! Finally I get to share with you my christmas gift from my husband (I wish he was this good on his own, but I whispered in his ear……). Sibella Court’s books etc. and NOMAD !!!!

There is SO MUCH that I love about these books. Firstly though, I must say how in awe I am of Sibella Court, and how she has become so successful doing what she obviously loves. She calls herself a “bowerbird”, explaining that this is a beautiful, creative form of hoarding – and she is obviously very good at it. Her advice in the foreward is to USE the book, mark pages, use it as a journal and reference book. Well – I am already, and I am thinking of using ideas from the books as inspiration for my 2013 Calendar…..

etc. is a book about “slapdash styling and deconstructed decorating solutions”, leading you through various colour palettes and stories, with the eventual aim of creating a space that is inherently you, reflecting your style and taste. I particularly like “Paperwhites”…. Beyond the literal content of the book, I am blown away by the layout, styling, use of collages, lovely fonts, textures (from the ridged kraft paper slipcover to the vellum-type pages scattered through the book). This is more than a book – it is an artwork!!

Moving on to NOMAD, prepare for a colourful, textural journey to 5 diverse countries, with a thorough and helpful reference section. This book is full of vibrant colour, beautiful textiles, amazing patterns – and such wonderful ideas to “bring your travels home”. Yet again the layout and styling of the book are unique and exciting. A visual feast!!

I really can’t choose which book is my favourite, and I know that I will spend many more hours pouring over them both. They are the kind of books that every time you open them you notice something new – a small detail, an idea, an interesting story, a colour………. Truly inspiring!!

Do you have any favourite books that inspire you and give you joy every time you open them? Please share……….

Wishing you an inspiring weekend.

Cath xx

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Blogging Your Way e-course

Hello All !!! Today is a little sad for me – the Blogging Your Way e-course that I have been participating in for the past 4 weeks is finished…. I can honestly say that this has been the best money that I have spent this year!! I have learnt SO MUCH about blogging that I would never have been able to figure out for myself. I have also learnt so much about myself and find myself more energised and focussed. I look at my life and the world around me now with a new awareness and appreciation – and get excited about small things!! I suppose I have always gotten excited about small things – but now I have a way of sharing this excitement with people who (I hope) will share it with me. So – my blogging life has begun, and I am looking forward to this experience!

I want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU (and at the same time introduce you) to Holly Becker of decor8 and Leslie Shewring of a creative mint. These 2 lovely ladies have spent the last 4 weeks teaching, encouraging and inspiring me (and several hundred other people) and I really appreciate it. They have both been so generous with their tips and information, and the class forum has been such a wonderful community to be a part of. Thank you all!!

images from decor8

Holly is not only a very successful blogger, but also a best-selling author of a beautiful book entitled Decorate. If you have not visited decor8 I urge you to – you will go back on a regular basis to be inspired and find out all sorts of stuff about the world of decorating (and I mean that – Scandinavia, to the USA, to Australia – all the trends and ideas are there!). And to those of us in South Africa – I finally saw a copy of Decorate in Exclusive Books on the weekend (I ordered mine online as I couldn’t wait!)

images from a creative mint

Leslie has such a beautiful blog!! Visit a creative mint for visual inspiration on colour, design, flowers  – all the beautiful things that we love, put together in such a lovely way. “One day when I grow up” I want to be able to create such beautiful, inspiring images too….

So I think it good, right now, to credit Holly and Leslie with helping me to achieve this blog, so far, and for inspiring me for the future!! If any of you are bloggers or aspire to be – it’s really worth thinking about participating in the next Blogging Your Way e-course.

Wishing you all an inspired week. Pop back to see my Paperpeony creations for Christmas……..

Cath xx

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