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oh anthropologie…..!!

I’ve got so much to share I’m back again!!! Hello all!

So – Anthropologie! Think our South African store “Poetry” – and then take it to another level completely. I have read so much about Anthropologie, and trawled their website so often – this was an absolute MUST on my list of places to see. I was not disappointed. I visited the store at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and the store at The Grove in LA itself. Both stores were beautiful – similar but different. I think one of the dream jobs to add to my “list” is the merchandiser/store display person in an Anthropologie store.

Anthropologie 6

Obviously the seasons are changing in the north and they are moving in Fall – the shops were full of jewel colours, somewhat subdued lighting, with a woodland (hand made faux mushrooms that blew me away!!) theme running throughout. The shop floors are either concrete or wood, and the walls rough concrete, with various finishes (paint, wallpaper, artwork). Exposed industrial ceilings are the perfect addition. The homeware displays use large wooden furniture pieces, with displays looking almost like they would in a home. The quilts and textiles (obviously sourced from all over the globe) were stunning, and such luxurious towels in the most scrumptious colours – mustards, teals, navy. The blue/white floral wall was so eye-catching.

Anthropologie 5

Anthropologie 3

Anthropologie 4

And the ceramics – bowls, measuring cups that I would use as beautiful display items, ceramic rolling pins, jugs, monogrammed mugs….. enough to completely overwhelm you if you had to choose just one. (Un)fortunately I didn’t buy anything breakable – but I don’t think I would have been able to choose in any case. I did get a few dishcloths, yummy soaps, a calendar, monogrammed notecards and notebooks (yes – stationery again!!).

Anthropologie 2

Anthropologie 7

Anthropologie 1

I will admit to not spending too much time looking at the clothes – but they were absolutely beautiful, and so refreshing to see items that have a more unique feel about them, not really conforming to “commercial” trends, and yet still on trend in a luxurious kind of way. One of the reasons for this was that the clothes, while gorgeous and absolutely worth their prices, were very expensive (in rand terms). The cheapest items I could find were about R800 plus. (There was this one dove grey leather handbag that had my name on it – but I walked away…..)

And the “cherry on top” for me was the “shopping” experience itself – shopping baskets are those deep woven baskets that hang over your shoulder, your purchases are wrapped in soft brownish tissue paper (think the old sewing-pattern paper), and the shopping bags are thick, plain cream paper bags with cream ribbon (with a thin red thread) handles. In small type near the top of the bag it simply states ANTHROPOLOGIE. Stunning!!!

So all I can say is if you ever walk past an Anthropologie store in the US, or in Europe (yes – they have quite a few dotted around there too!!) – stop, turn, go in!!!! Do not hesitate!!

I’ll be back next week with more to share. Have a lovely weekend!

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stationery eye-candy!!

Hello everyone – I hope that you’re all well and happy today!!

One of my favourite blogs to follow is oh so beautiful paper, which is a lovely American blog that showcases all the latest trends in stationery. It is a wonderful go-to site if you are looking for inspiration for wedding stationery, baby shower invitations or baby announcements. Every year they showcase the National Stationery Show, which is a HUGE trade expo in New York – showcasing just stationery!! Can you image the beautiful array of colours and designs on display!! For the past few weeks we have been seeing some sneak-peeks of a few of the new products that will be on show. I am going to tempt you now with some lovely eye-candy…..

images sourced from oh so beautiful paper . Links: fine day press, belle and union, moglea, smock paper, pei design, wild ink press

Once again I find myself drawn to Letterpress stationery!! Don’t you love it too?

One day (“when I grow up”) I would love to visit this show!!

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beautiful grungy colours

Hello friends. It’s another new month and autumn is settling in here in Stellenbosch. The vineyards are turning, the trees are starting to loose their leaves and the squirrels are madly collecting all sorts of yummy goodies to store away. A lovely time of the year, with colours all of its own.

My hubby and I escaped for a mini-break last Wednesday. We crossed over the mountains, went through Ceres and then up to Kagga Kamma (which is in an area which combines the Cederberg and the Karoo…..difficult to explain). It’s far away from tar roads, cellphones and city lights. Beautiful. Quiet. Unspoilt. We relaxed, walked, went on drives and made some new friends. Wonderful.

While we were walking it dawned on me that I was surrounded by what my friend Su calls “grungy colours” – those rusts, greys, chartreuses, purples and oranges that are both dull and vibrant, dirty yet alive…….. I found myself taking photos of colours and textures, as well as vistas, that emphasised these colours. (My hubby has become used to me constantly stopping and taking photos of a flower or a rock!!) Not only is Kagga Kamma beautiful, it is also very historical and spiritual as the bushmen and Khoi people have lived here over the past few thousands of years. We were able to see very well-preserved bushman paintings and learn about their “use” of the wide variety of plants and animals.

I think I’ve said enough – scroll through these pictures and enjoy the colours…….

all images: my own

And now it’s back to work and “the real world”. I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!

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A lovely day to be inspired…

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!!! I have to admit to being a non-Valentine person myself (my hubby and I believe everyday should be Valentines), and hate how today has become such a commercial, contrived “thing”. Nevertheless I have some lovely pictures to share with you all today that fit the theme of the day – so these are sending you all a little bit of love from me!!

I met an amazing new friend yesterday. Elizabeth contacted me last week about helping her with taking pictures of her products, which I was happy to do. She arrived at my door yesterday with the most beautiful bunch of red, pink and orange zinnias out of her garden!! So lovely. It’s seldom one sees zinnias in the shops nowadays. My Granny used to grow them so they evoked lovely memories for me!! Remember those days when pink and red or pink and orange were just “not done” – I love the combination!!

Elizabeth makes the most beautiful cards and artworks using tiny glass beads. I will share more images of her beautiful creations soon, but today am sharing a framed red heart. Her work is extremely detailed and neat, and nothing is random. Have a close look at the heart – and then think that she is an amputee, and does this without the hands and fingers that we take for granted everyday.

Elizabeth you inspire me and have made me look at the world and myself very differently since I met you yesterday!! And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

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