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oh anthropologie…..!!

I’ve got so much to share I’m back again!!! Hello all!

So – Anthropologie! Think our South African store “Poetry” – and then take it to another level completely. I have read so much about Anthropologie, and trawled their website so often – this was an absolute MUST on my list of places to see. I was not disappointed. I visited the store at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and the store at The Grove in LA itself. Both stores were beautiful – similar but different. I think one of the dream jobs to add to my “list” is the merchandiser/store display person in an Anthropologie store.

Anthropologie 6

Obviously the seasons are changing in the north and they are moving in Fall – the shops were full of jewel colours, somewhat subdued lighting, with a woodland (hand made faux mushrooms that blew me away!!) theme running throughout. The shop floors are either concrete or wood, and the walls rough concrete, with various finishes (paint, wallpaper, artwork). Exposed industrial ceilings are the perfect addition. The homeware displays use large wooden furniture pieces, with displays looking almost like they would in a home. The quilts and textiles (obviously sourced from all over the globe) were stunning, and such luxurious towels in the most scrumptious colours – mustards, teals, navy. The blue/white floral wall was so eye-catching.

Anthropologie 5

Anthropologie 3

Anthropologie 4

And the ceramics – bowls, measuring cups that I would use as beautiful display items, ceramic rolling pins, jugs, monogrammed mugs….. enough to completely overwhelm you if you had to choose just one. (Un)fortunately I didn’t buy anything breakable – but I don’t think I would have been able to choose in any case. I did get a few dishcloths, yummy soaps, a calendar, monogrammed notecards and notebooks (yes – stationery again!!).

Anthropologie 2

Anthropologie 7

Anthropologie 1

I will admit to not spending too much time looking at the clothes – but they were absolutely beautiful, and so refreshing to see items that have a more unique feel about them, not really conforming to “commercial” trends, and yet still on trend in a luxurious kind of way. One of the reasons for this was that the clothes, while gorgeous and absolutely worth their prices, were very expensive (in rand terms). The cheapest items I could find were about R800 plus. (There was this one dove grey leather handbag that had my name on it – but I walked away…..)

And the “cherry on top” for me was the “shopping” experience itself – shopping baskets are those deep woven baskets that hang over your shoulder, your purchases are wrapped in soft brownish tissue paper (think the old sewing-pattern paper), and the shopping bags are thick, plain cream paper bags with cream ribbon (with a thin red thread) handles. In small type near the top of the bag it simply states ANTHROPOLOGIE. Stunning!!!

So all I can say is if you ever walk past an Anthropologie store in the US, or in Europe (yes – they have quite a few dotted around there too!!) – stop, turn, go in!!!! Do not hesitate!!

I’ll be back next week with more to share. Have a lovely weekend!

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recovered, refreshed and re-organised

Hello friends!! Wow- it’s been 3 weeks since I last spoke to you all. Thank you for your kind words, support and well-wishes. I am back on the go, the shop is open, and life goes on!!

The last few weeks have been good for me. I took a mental and physical “break” and have been re-focussing. I re-organised parts of the house that have been in a state of chaos since I did the markets at the end of last year (yes – it’s taken me THAT long……), and I finally got around to sorting out and organising my workspace. Bags and bags of recycling and donations later and I am once again feeling good about my space! Do you also feel happier when your environment is organised, everything has a place, and most importantly it looks good and makes you happy to be there! I do. So – want to take a little tour around my office with me?

This is what I see while I sit at my computer. I have my desk in the middle of the room, which is not always the most practical, but it works for me. I can see the sunshine coming in the windows, and keep an eye on the front-gate (to spot the all-important courier!!). Sometimes It’s VERY messy, sometimes there are flowers – at the moment it is relatively tidy and I have a lovely delicate Orchid keeping me company. Sammy also joins me on the desk quite often – but wasn’t around when I took these pictures.

I have displayed all my favourite goodies on the shelves directly across from me – lovely white ceramics, the cute owls, precious books from some of my favourte, inspiring authors (recognise any?), a lovely SweetWilliam print, and a collection of favourite stationery and the hanging birds from papertales.

And then – my worktable! Above which I have now organised and displayed my (embarrassing) collection of lovely washi tape!! I tell myself that I do NOT need more, and must not be afraid to use it – there is more than enough!!!

On the other side of the room is another set of shelves and work space, where somehow the colours are softer…….funny how that happened. Notice my lovely knitting bag from lovely leah at sangthebird. And I love the wooden pegs and spools in the glass jars – reminiscent of a candy-store. The map boxes remind me of my dad who is map-mad!!!!

So – this is where I spend my days making lovely things and packing orders to send off to all of you lovely gals!! I am really fortunate to have this space.

So now it’s back to normal – sending out orders, creating lovely designs and blogging!!!! For those of you who live nearby I’ll be hosting a pop-up market  here at my house next week. I’ll post all the details here on the blog a little later today!!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!! Big hugs.

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organise creatively: muted hues

I hope you’re all well, and that you’ve had a good week!! So – it’s time for part2 of my little series (in my absence).

Have you been thinking about making your workspace a little more “you”?  Well, here are some more lovely ideas, this time in more muted hues with organic elements – linen, wood, glass… Do you see anything that you like?

images (clockwise from top left): theprettyblogloft32, natalie jost via pinterest, Holly Becker’s desk, Lotta Jansdotter via Design Sponge

I’d love to know what you prefer – brights or muted hues? I’ll be back on Monday to find out.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!

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organise creatively: brights

Hi!! I am going to be away for a few days, relaxing in the game reserve with my lovely hubby (he will be conferencing and I will be resting….) so I have prepared a little “mini-series” (of 2!!) for you all while I am away.

I love my workspace – I’m fortunate to have a lovely big room where I can indulge my creative spirit!! I am always on the lookout for creative ideas to both organise my workspace, as well as to display my materials and tools. We live in the age of re-use, recyle and be conscious of the environment, and this can most certainly spill-over into our worspaces. Here are a few “bright”-ideas…..!!!

images (clockwise from top left): Martha Stewart, lystadsvingen, sillyoldsuitcase, allthingspinkandcrafty, homemadesimple

No matter what kind of work you do, where you work, or even if it’s your hobby area – make your workspace a creative reflection of who you are!! After all – you spend so much time there.

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